Sunday, April 11, 2010

HOT5 Daily 4/11/2010

1. "Democratican and Republocrat Hypocrisy" It's not surprising that politicians as a class have extremely low approval ratings.

Representative Sample:The lesson here is not a trivial one. While the Left is still persistent in presenting themselves as the party of the people the evidence contradicting that fact is apparent.

2. "Thank the USA" Things worth keeping in mind.

Representative Sample: it is capitalism — not socialism or communism — that is financing and encouraging this research and the sharing of this technology. Maybe Cuba or North Korea or Iran came up with a vaccine, but I never heard of it

3. "China builds at least 60 public diplomacy outposts in US while permitting 4 US centers in China" What's wrong with this picture?

Representative Sample: Congress is expressing its concern at the disparity between the number of cultural centers China and the US have permitted in each others countries. While China has setup 60 in the US, it is currently permitting only four to be built. At present, there are no such US centers in China..

4. "The Atheist Barbie doll is finally here!" Pretty funny.

Representative Sample:It's a graphic.

5. "so instead of cleansing the world of pirates once and for all … ships will turn off the lights" Things we are doing instead of just killing the pirates.

Representative Sample: If security means anything, it should mean being armed and committed to the use of deadly force. I think at some point it will take a catastrophic event, some outrage by the pirates that sicken the world, before any real and deadly serious action takes place.

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