Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HOT5 Daily 4/27/2010

1. "Morning Bell: The Obama Fiscal Responsibility Farce Continues"Another example of Obama thinking that talk is a substitute for action.

Representative Sample:This is a now familiar pattern for the White House: first enact record breaking levels of deficit spending, then turn right around and promise austerity sometime in the future

2. "Obama for Entrepreneurs, but Not American Ones" That pretty much sums up Obama: a lack of concern for American interests.

Representative Sample:The Obama administration and today’s Democrats are driven by regulatory zeal, lust for higher revenues, and apparent ignorance of the workings of the market economy. I don’t think they planned it this way, but their anti-market actions are accumulating cut by cut, threatening major long-term damage to America’s standard of living.

3. "National Security Advisor Gen. James Jones Scares Me" Too bad he and the rest our national security team, especially the president, don't scare our enemies. A good analysis of Jone's comments on the Middle East.

Representative Sample:in this environment, why should Palestinians sign away their imagined "right of return" now? And how would Palestinians react to a "peace" deal imposed by the US - would they say "Peace at last" and resume something like a normal life, or would this become the Versailles Treaty of the 21st century? 

4. "Comedy Central Preemptively Beheads South Park Creators" Just in case they might offend radical Islamic nuts again.

Representative Sample: executives at Comedy Central have preemptively beheaded the cartoon’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

5. "B-1 adapts, remains effective after 25 years" The enduring & adaptable B-1 bomber.

Representative Sample: As the B-1 nears its 25th anniversary, a new chapter could be opening up for the bomber with an even more precise weapon, the airborne laser. The Air Force's chief scientist, Dr. Werner Dahm, flew on a Lancer recently to see if the crew could operate an airborne laser platform in the tightly spaced cockpit while continuing to do their duties. The laser is capable of precision targeting and minimizes unintended damage when the enemy places hostile networks near schools and mosques.

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