Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stupidity in Virginia

When I first saw the flap regarding Confederate History Month in Virginia, I thought it was probably much ado about nothing. After all, most of the people hyperventilating about it were the usual whining leftists, always ready to be offended by any Republican action. But then I read the actual declaration. As many others have pointed out, not only does it make no mention at all of slavery, but it seems awfully celebratory in tone.  Governor Robert McDonnell's lame explanations demonstrate historical ignorance, and a high level of general cluelessness.

It would be one thing if Confederate History Month was already established in Virginia, and McDonnell were simply defending a tradition. But the tradition had already ended. Why bring it back? Why revive this issue and give ammunition to Democrats looking to paint Republicans as racist? Why anger the vast majority of black voters in Virginia, and everyone else who doesn't view the Confederacy as a glorious lost cause? Was it really worth the cost politically, just to gain the support of groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans? 

Is it possible that McDonnell really didn't understand that this would generate a firestorm? McDonnell ran a smart campaign and put Virginia back in the GOP column. But this action is sheer stupidity that makes Republicans look bad, and gives ammunition to our opponents. Thanks a lot Bob.

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  1. As a white southerner with an above-average grasp of the Civil War, its causes, and its aftermath, I agree completely with you. The only reason for taking the action McDonnell has is to manufacture a controversy in order to get attention. What a disappointing moron McDonnell has turned out to be, and I expect Robert E. Lee would say something similar if he were here.