Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Friendly Atheist Under Attack

Hemant Mehta, who writes the excellent atheist blog Friendly Atheist is under attack by the Illinois Family Institute, because he dared criticize them in some of his posts. Rather than simply ignoring him, or responding online, the head of the IFI, Laurie Higgins, launched a cowardly personal attack, sending e-mails to his boss and colleagues and attempting to get him fired from his job as a math teacher.

This supposedly Christian organization is upset because Mehta pointed out their anti-gay and anti-atheist bigotry. Naturally they can't defend their indefensible positions, so they instead have to go after him in his personal life.  They currently have an attack piece up against Mehta, which can be seen here. It accuses him of "unprofessionalism," even though his blog has nothing to do with his job as a school teacher. It's nothing more than a sleazy attempt to silence criticism. The existence of extremist social conservative groups like IFI should be an embarrassment to all rational people on the political right.

h/t Portland Humanist Examiner

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