Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/18/2009

1. "Government's Track Record in the Insurance Business" Not too good.

Representative Sample: Barack Obama and many others want the government to get into the health-insurance business. Very good. Is the government in any other kind of insurance? As a matter of fact, it is: flood insurance. It essentially has a monopoly.

2. "Col. Peter Mansoor on Humantiarian Neutrality" Their neutrality is an illusion.

Representative Sample: Humanitarian neutrality is a myth, but this is neither a new development or caused by “failed states, global terrorist movements, and progressively more virulent religious dogma and extremist ideologies”.

3. "Jesus feeding the hungry" Atheist comic site I just found.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

4. "The Benefits of Victory?" How important is Afghanistan?

Representative Sample: nobody should too confidently downplay the costs of failure. But neither should anybody too confidently highlight the benefits of victory. A — strangely — far too rarely asked question is: what if the new Afghanistan strategy is successful?

5. "Autonomous Scout Vehicles Prowl The Mean Streets" Unmanned armored vehicles are now reality.

Representative Sample: One of the test subjects, controlled from a Stryker wheeled armored vehicle, successfully approached a village (equipped with mannequins set up as pedestrians along the streets), did a perimeter sweep at speeds of up to fifty kilometers an hour, then patrolled the streets, avoiding the pedestrians, and finally departed the area.

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