Friday, August 14, 2009

The Second Amendment in Action

Four criminals picked the wrong Harlem shop to rob. As they tried to put plastic cuffs on two employees, beating one who resisted, 72-year old Charles Augusto Jr grabbed his shotgun. He killed one of attackers and mortally wounded the second. The other two were also hit and fled bleeding. Both were found by police and arrested. Augusto, obviously acting in self-defense, was not charged. 

Had Mr. Augusto relied solely on the police for protection, rather than arming himself, at best he and his employees would have been robbed and possibly beaten. At worst he'd be lying dead, after the criminals decided it might be better not to leave witnesses. Fortunately he didn't have to find out what might have happened.


  1. Good deal! As a right wing Christian, I'm glad to find a right wing Atheist. I would like permission, if it is okay with you, to re-post the entire article on my web site (with acknowledement, of course).


  2. We are a minority among atheists, but we're out there :).

    Sure, feel free to repost.

  3. If more citizens took second amendment actions every day- or even every week - the US would not be given over to socialists and communists.

    The right to bear and to use arms against criminals, communists, and enemies of freedom is not just a right: it's a duty.

    If you haven't exercised your second amendment rights in the last month, or even the last year, time to lock & load and do the right thing by your fellow Americans.

    The more of us who do this, the quicker we will take back America.

  4. Temple student exchanges fire with robbers; two injured.