Saturday, August 22, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/22/2009

1. "Introducing the Tenth Amendment" A seemingly forgotten amendment.

Representative Sample: the government is limited to the powers carefully and explicitly listed in the preceding document. Pretty simple. It remains a block on federal usurpation of powers, and despite two hundred years of working around it or ignoring it, in quiet gentleman's agreement fashion, the amendment has never been repealed.

2. "ACLU and Jihadi Defense Attorneys Expose Under Cover CIA Operatives to the Enemy" All in the service of imaginary "rights" for terrorists.

Representative Sample: This makes the whole Valerie Plame thing seem like a damn tea party. ACLU and attorneys defending jihadis who plotted to bring down our country on 9/11 took secret photos of CIA operatives, some in front of their homes, so those jihadis currently being held at Gitmo could identify them.

3. "BHO explains Ramadan to all of us ignorant non-Muslims. F.O. to that, I say." More shameless & inappropriate pandering to Muslims from Obama.

Representative Sample: There are so many things that are the responsibility of the President of the United States of America. Teaching the American public about Muslism celebrations and traditions just isn’t one of them

4. "Friday Unfunny" Baptist minister (not from Westboro) supports execution of gays. This guy needs a one-way ticket to Iran. Clearly he'd be happier there.

Representative Sample:This is a pastor saying this. Somebody who stands up in front of a crowd and supposedly teaches them what's 'moral.' And he's advocating the killing of gay people.

5. "The Quantitative Effect of Spray and Pray" Interesting article on firearms lethality in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Representative Sample: Why are bullets more lethal in Iraq than Afghanistan?

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