Sunday, August 2, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/2/2009

1. "The 7 countries that are pissed at Obama (economics edition)" And that's mostly friendly countries. The benefits of having a clueless amateur in charge.

Representative Sample: let me offer my list of countries with which relations have deteriorated in the last six months. I'll pocket the Post's Israel point and omit Iran, since relations with them are bad, but not necessarily worse. The list is necessarily subjective, but I'll give my reasons for each.

2. "Dr. Valerie Tarico- Non-theists and Evangelicals: The IM Interview" A Christian interviews a non-theist. Interesting, serious interview.

Representative Sample: I have been wanting to do an interview with an articulate and perceptive non-theist, and I have found one in Dr. Valerie Tarico, author of The Dark Side: How Evangelical Teachings Corrupt Love and Truth

3. "Obama's Anti-Israel Diplomacy Spectacularly Fails To Win Even A Single Arab Or Muslim Concessions" Big surprise.

Representative Sample: Iran is holding three American civilians, Saudi Arabia says that they won't make any gestures toward Israel, Syria is insisting on a series of non-starters as preconditions for talks, the oh-so-moderate Fatah party is about to harden their party line to match Obama's anti-Israel stance, and Hamas is threatening to boycott Palestinian unity talks because of whatever today's pretext is.

4. "The Aggressor State" Interesting description and analysis of the left. 

Representative Sample: Because liberalism defines itself as transformative, it is very comfortable with aggression. This posture serves them well with a public that believes “progress” is inherently positive. The business of building the modern super-state has been a sustained attack, using cultural pressure, legislative power, and the blunt instrument of loyal voting blocs to beat Middle America into submission.

5. "What's Really Inside the Democrat WelfCare™ Bill" If you actually read it, it is even worse than it has been characterized.

Representative Sample: Pg 58 HC Bill – Government will have real-time access to individual’s finances and a National ID Health Care Card will be issued!

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