Thursday, August 6, 2009

Italy Deports Terrorist to Tunisia - Terrorist Rights Supporters Upset

Italy deported a convicted terrorist to Tunisia, disregarding the whining of terrorist rights supporters such as Human Rights Watch and the European Court of Human Rights. Those organizations are concerned that the terrorist might face torture in Tunisia. Ali Ben Sassi Toumi served six years in an Italian prison for being a member of an Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist cell. Here's what Human Rights Watch had to say about him.

"Italy has put Toumi at serious risk of being tortured. It now needs to take every possible step it can to ensure his protection, and stop its continuing contempt for the European Court and the fundamental rules of international human rights law," said Tayler. "Any abuse Toumi suffers in Tunisia is Italy's responsibility as well."
Human Terrorist Rights Watch is so upset that a poor convicted terrorist might be mistreated. So what if he's a threat to Italy. His rights as a terrorist are more important than Italian security. Congratulations to Italy for putting the safety of its citizens first, and ignoring the pressure from fools worried about the well-being of terrorists.

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