Tuesday, August 11, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/11/2009

1. "Sen. Coburn's 10 awkward questions" About healthcare reform. Links to the Coburn article.

Representative Sample: Included is a list of 10 discomfiting questions that Coburn's colleagues are "loath to answer." It makes an excellent primer on the entire healthcare reform issue.

2. "From Nobel Laureate to Political Hack" The nobel was for work years ago. He's been a hack for a long time.

Representative Sample: The whole “second Great Depression” meme is merely a giant straw man used first to stampeded ill-conceived spending legislation through Congress with little scrutiny and now to provide a fake alternative against which Obama and company can declare victory. Krugman is so far in the tank, its impossible for me to even think of him as an economist any more.

3. "How Many Nukes Does It Take?" To destroy the world. Apparently we don't have anywhere near enough.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

4. "Creationism and the Silence of Dissent" What does the Creation Museum and other public creationist forums reveal about creationists?

Representative Sample: They talk about openness, teaching the controversy, and the arrogance of science. Yet, when creationism gets its own forum, it gleefully excludes any and all dissenting ideas. We have several examples of this.

5. "Now It’s the Dems Turn to Experience Mediscare" Why healthcare reform is a political loser for Democrats.

Representative Sample: The biggest likely beneficiaries - the poor, the young, the marginally employed, the illegal - are already solidly in the Democrats’ camp. Not obvious that there are many new votes to be mined there. By contrast, the almost certain losers, aside from senior citizens, are working, middle-class voters with solid (if not gold-plated) corporate health plans.

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