Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Government Still Pursuing a Bush-era Witch-hunt

House Democrats, still desperate to exact some sort of vengeance on Bush-era officials, especially Karl Rove, gave more documents to federal prosecutors investigating the 2006 firing of nine U.S. attorneys. This case is a prime example of a politically-motivated witch-hunt. The Bush administration fired prosecutors who serve at the pleasure of the president. In other words, he fired people who he had the right to fire for any reason. Political appointees are fired and replaced all the time, especially if they are deemed to be out of step with the administration for some reason or other.  But in this particular case, Democrats, acting based on their insane hatred of the Bush administration, decided to parse every detail of each firing to see if they could make a case that the terminations were somehow illegal. Naturally they couldn't. That was back in 2006. But amazingly they are still at it, wasting justice department time and resources on a partisan witch-hunt. Bush Derangement Syndrome has no known cure. Even time doesn't seem to lessen its grip.

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