Friday, August 7, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/7/2009

1. "10 Reasons that American Health Care is best" Useful perspective with all the hysteria about the uninsured and other problems. 

Representative Sample: Americans have better access to important new technologies such as medical imaging than do patients in Canada or Britain.

2. "We Have A Winner!" Probably the best takedown of the ridiculous Washington Post piece claiming that the Joker Obama poster is racist.

Representative Sample: The hopeful sign for America’s advancement in race relations is that there seem to be very few morons willing to engage in the illogical gymnastic necessary to arrive at the kind of conclusions cited above, and they don’t seem to get much traction.

3. "There is no right to entitlement — by guestblogger Danny Lemieux" Rights vs. entitlements.

Representative Sample: this can all seem very confusing to the many Americans already conditioned to membership in the collectivist hive. We have already slouched so far down the road to serfdom since the New Deal that it will take a very long, lonely, frustrating uphill slog to change our country’s direction. But, what other choice do we have other than to willingly surrender our freedoms?

4. "Democrats Lose Faith in the People" Free speech and protests are only ok in the service of Democratic-approved causes. Otherwise they could be downright dangerous.

Representative Sample: Henry Reid will decide whether or not you are a "grass roots activist" or something subversive.

5. "What Would It Take?" One atheist's response to the question of what it would take to convince him that God exists.

Representative Sample: All I’d need to believe in to believe in god would be a direct, unequivocal, simultaneous revelation of him/her/itself to all humankind.

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