Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Harsayani on Healthcare

David Harsayani of the Denver Post has an excellent article up that eviscerates Democratic whining and hysteria about protests.  He points out the obvious, that Democrats control the entire government, and could pass anything they want without the help of a single Republican.
If the government-run health bill doesn't pass, it won't be the result of anyone's voice being quashed. In fact, I would be curious to meet the herculean life-form that has the capability to "drown out" either President Barack Obama or Pelosi
Harsayani also comments on Pelosi's assertion that healthcare reform opponents are afraid of the facts.
Many protesters are terrified of fact. Because the fact is every iteration of health care "reform" in Washington is intended to lead us to a single-payer system, which would not only wreck innovation and competition but also inject bean-counting bureaucrats into our health care decisions, from zygote to cremation.
And his conclusion is right on the mark,
The problem for government-run health care proponents isn't that debate is being "drowned out" by fanatical mobs. Quite the opposite. Their problem is that too many people are finally listening.
Check out the whole article.

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