Sunday, August 16, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/16/2009

1. "Again: We aren’t against reform; we’re just against the reform you’re proposing." A point that bears repeating.

Representative Sample: People have legitimate concerns about everything they have seen, so far. Attempts to assuage these fears has failed, miserably. We all recognize that there is a problem with the system. We all want reform. We just don’t want the reform we have been offered, so far.

2. "Has anyone done more to torpedo ObamaCare than President Obama himself?" Based on his own words.

Representative Sample: if an educated intellectual like Barack Obama could simply outline a set of specific basic health care reforms that could be shown to work, he would do it. He should also be able to confidently and rigorously defend his plan in front of skeptics. But because President Obama has chosen to rely on popular myths (instead of documented research) and staged rallies (instead of true debates) to sell his health care reform ideas

3. "Arm Ships and Shoot the Pirates?" Of course. It's amazing that we even need to ask that question. But naturally there are opponents that spout nonsense about "escalating" violence.

Representative Sample: Advocates say onboard teams with weapons would deter or defeat ragtag bands of pirates in flimsy skiffs. On April 25, pirates tried to board the Italian cruise liner MSC Melody as it headed in the Indian Ocean from southern Africa to Europe, but Israeli private guards opened fire and the assailants departed.

4. "USAF Plots Needs for a Fantastic Future" Some interesting ideas on future projects for the Air Force.

Representative Sample: How does a giant nuclear-powered flying laser sound; or a hypersonic bomber that launches satellites; or a tactical fighter firing laser and microwave beams?

5. "When it was “cool” and unremarkable to make Hitler comparisons"As with many things, it isn't a problem if the left does it. Something to keep in mind the next time someone on the left whines about over-the-top attacks on Obama.

Representative Sample: Book burnings horrify civil libertarians but this precensorship is far worse. Know-nothing book burners may burn a single book but copies of it remain and the ideas live on. Academic pre-censorship makes sure that the book the author wishes to write never sees the light of day.

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