Saturday, August 8, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/8/2009

1. "A Warning For Democrats" Links to a good article. Democrats have become increaingly unhinged by the fact that people dare to oppose healthcare reform.

Representative Sample: Liberal Democrats are too full of themselves right now. They still don’t get that Obama won because Americans were fed-up with Bush and Republicans and the endless war, the financial meltdown, the bloated government spending, etc.

2. "Now We Are Political Terrorists" This post responds to a ridiculous & intellectually dishonest Washington Post piece by Steve Pearlstein.

Representative Sample: I am not a political terrorist for opposing the health care scheme and wanting less government regardless of what any reporter says. I do wonder though, where this guy was when the left was using similar tactics to oppose Bush? Has he called the Code Pink morons who harassed Marines in Berkeley political terrorists?

3. "On COIN and an Anti-COIN Counterrevolution?" Interesting and detailed exchange with Dr. Bernard Finel of The American Security Project.

Representative Sample: Dr. Finel has been blogging vigorously and very critically of late about COIN becoming conventional Beltway wisdom, a premise he does not accept nor believe to be a useful strategic posture for the United States.

4. "Hostages: Assets in Hybrid Wars?" Hostage-taking as a primary objective.

Representative Sample: there was an interesting detail in the Army’s report on a Taliban attack that briefly overran a remote Army outpost in eastern Afghanistan last year, an attack that left nine U.S. soldiers dead.

5. "The world's 10 most dangerous countries"I often agree with Rothkopf, but this is a bizarre article with a strange definition of "dangerous."

Representative Sample: let's consider criteria and that means we need to ask "dangerous to whom?" There are plenty of local actors who are the nearest, greatest threats to the neighbors. So, let's limit ourselves to actors who can cause the greatest disruption through their actions to the most people over the next decade or so.

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  1. Any list of the most dangerous countries that includes the U.S. -- let alone puts it in the number one spot -- has forfeited the right to be viewed seriously.

  2. Yeah, I don't know if he's just trying to be provocative or what.