Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Human Rights Watch Undermining Counterterrorism Efforts - Again

Is there any anti-terrorism measure that Human Rights Watch doesn't have a problem with? This time they are attacking the Saudis over their terrorist rehabilitation program. Are they concerned about its effectiveness? Oh no, they don't care about that. They don't like it because people are held without charge. Nevermind that the people in question have been identified as terrorists. Here is their statement:  

"Except as part of a sentence imposed after conviction for a crime, international human rights law does not permit the detention of persons to undergo a reeducation program," the report says. Such programs "cannot be forced upon persons whose guilt has not been established."
This is complete and obvious nonsense. First of all, there is no such thing as "international human rights law." Countries have their own laws and human rights of any kind are in short supply in places like Saudi Arabia. And clearly programs can be forced on persons, since that's exactly what is happening. 

Given the situation in Saudia Arabia, and the fact that they bear significant responsibility for spreading Islamism, any efforts by that country against Al Qaeda should be encouraged, not nitpicked based on idiotic legalism and mythical notions of international human rights.  Saudi Arabian law is backward and barbaric by western standards. Women are second-class citizens, and Saudi notions of human rights are primitive at best. It's a fertile field for any human rights organization. But putting the focus on their treatment of terrorists is not only misguided, but counterproductive. Unfortunately this is just another example of Human Rights Watch serving as a useful idiot for those that should be their worst enemies.

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