Thursday, August 27, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/27/2009

1. "Instead of Universal Coverage, Reforms that Will Work"A call for conservative health care reform.

Representative Sample: conservatives need to push for choices in healthcare, and the two steps most needed to create real healthcare markets are 1) ending huge tax subsidies for employer provided benefits and 2) replacing state-by-state regulations with one national regulator. These will open the door to a much more competitive insurance market, and much lower costs for individuals.

2. "The Ethics of Ferocity" Interesting argument.

Representative Sample: Political strategy aside, America needs to resolve its argument about the morality of self-defense, and quickly. It’s my contention that a peaceful democracy has a moral imperative to demonstrate ferocity in defense.

3. "Agitprop II" Some observations on the differences between left and right regarding protest.

Representative Sample: What with all the tea parties and town hall meetings over the course of the last year we’ve had the opportunity to see a thing rarely observed in our lifetime – normal people, people of all races, classes and creeds, even people of conservative ideological bent protesting. Because conservatives don’t protest, they don’t gather in the street.

4. "Religious Police Crack Down on ‘Evil’ Circuses" More religious lunacy in Saudi Arabia. I know,  big surprise.

Representative Sample: “These acts contradict the faith and must not be done, taught, spread or encouraged,” religious police spokesman Abdullah al-Mashiti told al-Watan daily this week, referring to circus acts such as fire-eating and lying on beds of glass that he believes is a form of magic outlawed by Islamic Sharia law.

5. "French Nukes For Brazil" A major increase in Brazilian naval power, including a deal for a nuclear submarine.

Representative Sample: Brazil says it is will to spend all this to improve its fleet, in large part because oil has been discovered off the coast of Brazil, and must be defended.

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