Saturday, August 1, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/1/2009

1. "Cairo Joins the Battle Against Tehran" Egypt siding with Israel against Iran?

Representative Sample: By granting canal access to the warships now, Cairo too is signaling its concern. In fact, lately Egypt’s Mubarak regime has been demonstrating an increasingly public identification with the nascent coalition against Iran. 

2. "Turkey Looks East" Turkey, the Uighurs, China and implications for the future.

Representative Sample: Turkey has long occupied both a cultural and geographic pivot, positioned between three key areas—Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. 21st century geopolitical thinkers such as Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel Huntington have written of Turkey’s unique position and how Ankara has the most choices of any other state in its weight class as it moves into the future.

3. "Double Standard? You Decide."The difficulties of arguing with the religious.

Representative Sample: They complain that we are not open minded enough or that we are not willing to sit down and take their beliefs seriously. Then, seemingly without batting an eye, they explain in no uncertain terms how their faith is essentially non-negotiable - no matter what the evidence.

4. "Cash for Clunkers: Why Government Should Not Meddle In The Economy" And they just pumped 2 billion more into the program. 

Representative Sample: if Government cannot anticipate the basic law of supply and demand, why are we to trust them on understanding health care, the financial sector, unemployment, small businesses, the auto industry, or any other area of our nation’s economy

5. "Pirates in the Baltic Sea?"We refuse to implement basic anti-piracy countermeasures such as hanging those captured in the act. In the face of weakness and foolish legalism, it's not surprising that piracy might spring up in other areas.

Representative Sample: A ship was hijacked in Swedish waters early Friday morning last week, news wire TT reports. The boat was sailing between the islands of Öland and Gotland when the hijacking occurred.

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