Tuesday, August 4, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/4/2009

1. "The Three Kinds of Theism" Types of theists and how to approach them from an atheist standpoint.

Representative Sample: Although religious belief is one of the most diverse of human phenomena, with a limitless variety of gradations and exceptions, I think these three suffice to classify nearly all of the theists that a nonbeliever is likely to encounter. If you want to debate, it's important to keep this in mind, because your strategy for dealing with each group needs to be different.

2. "To be, or not to be. So much for that question." The sad decline of Britain continues.

Representative Sample: Britain's last fighter aircraft factory faces closure within five years after the government’s decision last week to curtail its purchases of the Eurofighter Typhoon.

3. "The Communist Threat Is Real" Some people didn't get the word about the failure of communism.

Representative Sample: What's amazing is that communist rebels and terrorists are still active, 18 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the end of the Cold War, and seeming defeat of the communist movement.

4. "Japan's new, unpopular jury system" First jury trial since 1943.

Representative Sample: Japan's trials have been carried out under professional judges, which led to accusations of too much secrecy. The 99 percent conviction rate that currently accompanies these trials has increased concern that many innocent people are being convicted, and the reintroduction of juries, which was passed five years ago, is designed to bring the public into the judicial process

5. "Impressions of China" Observations from a recent visitor.

Representative Sample: It seemed to me that being a uniformed guard had to be the second or third leading source of employment. There were guards guarding everything: monuments, hotel entrances, parking lots, tollbooths, and random patches of sidewalk.

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