Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/19/2009

1. "Daily Gut: The Prince of Darkness is Dead" Short but interesting look at Robert Novak.

Representative Sample: fans of Novak knew that true rebellion meant rebelling against vacant rebellion. Novak, after all, wore a three-piece suit every moment of his life making him more of a badass than a tattooed and pierced Johnny Depp could ever think of becoming.

2. "Homo religious" Where did religion come from?

Representative Sample: People believe in God because we are pattern-seeking primates. We connect A to B to C, and often A really is connected to B, and B really is connected to C. This is called association learning. But we do not have a false-pattern-detection device in our brains to help us discriminate between true and false patterns, and so we make errors in our thinking

3. "No Compromise" A call to block compromises that will eventually lead to single-payer healthcare.

Representative Sample: It’s always been about getting us to a socialized system. If you can drive up costs with government mandates, then turn around and blame insurance companies—that’s the quickest way to get what you want: single payer.

4. "Experts: If zombies attacked Canada we'd be pretty much done for" Yes, there was an actual study. Hopefully the U.S. is better prepared for zombies.

Representative Sample: Board up the windows of that abandoned hospital if you must, but if the dead ever come back to life as zombies and begin infecting the population, a group of Canadian researchers don't hold out much hope for our survival.

5. "Alternative medicine" What exactly is an "alternative" to science-based/evidence-based medicine? Why do people persist in believing in such things?

Representative Sample: I’m not going to look too much at specific alternative therapies here. But it’s worth looking at the field as a whole, to see if we can find what’s common to all or most of them. Why do people turn away from reality-based ideas in favour of fanciful nonsense?

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