Monday, August 17, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/17/2009

1. "Liberals About To Face A Major Loss On Health Care, And Maybe More" Let's hope so. Makes the case for liberal overreach.

Representative Sample: Removal of the government run option from health care reform, repeal of the failed stimulus bill and a permanent delay on the truly silly idea of taxing energy to change the Earth’s massive and complex climate system. 

2. "The History of Political Correctness" Interesting look at the intellectual history behind it.

Representative Sample: It's a video.

3. "Who Is Human Rights Watch’s Joe Stork?"The author of HRW's smear report on Israel isn't just a terrorist rights supporter, he's a supporter of actual terrorism.

Representative Sample: That HRW would place in a senior position someone who has written in explicit support of terrorism against Israel, lauded the murder of Israeli athletes at Munich in 1972 as providing “an important boost in morale among Palestinians,” and stated that “Zionism may be defeated only by fighting imperialism”—this should be the final verdict on a cretinous organization’s already tattered credibility.

4. "You Might Be a Racist" Many reasons why you could be a racist, along with more than half the population.

Representative Sample:If you understand that the Democrat’s health care reform is dangerous and expensive… …you might be a racist.

5. "The Dreadful Treatment of Military Interpreters" First hand account of how the U.S. is not winning the hearts and minds of our interpreters.

Representative Sample: The treatment of our interpreters in Afghanistan is simply unforgiveable. We could not operate without them, but they are often treated worse than second-class citizens. We owe them, and ourselves, far better.

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