Sunday, August 30, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/30/2009

1. "The Commander in Chief Hides"  Too gutless to take responsibility for his attempt to cripple the CIA.

Representative Sample: One thing the Right and Left can agree upon: this is a shameful performance. If Obama is fine with Holder’s witch hunt, he should say so. And if not, he should act like the president and put an end to it, or Holder’s tenure.

2. "Whatever happened to the term 'Culture of Corruption'?" Here's my theory. Corruption is expected of Democrats, so it's only worth reporting and labeling if Republicans are involved. Also, it's one of the many things that is only bad if done by Republicans.

Representative Sample:The Democrats are in power now. Which means that the....wait for it....Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee...can revise his tax filings and show (oops!) a doubling of his actual net worth. And keep his Chairmanship

3. "Little-Known Bible Verses: Predestination" I've long maintained that a supposedly omnipotent, omniscent God has to imply predestination, making free will meaningless. This post points out some verses backing that up.

Representative Sample: This long verse makes it clear what Paul's views on free will are. Salvation is "not of him that willeth", but the choice of God, who selects some people and shows mercy to them. The rest, like Pharaoh, he "hardens" so that they will reject him and be condemned.

4. "A man's instinct for violence can never be 'cured'" It's who we are. Links to an interesting article.

Representative Sample: There was a time when British schooling programmed such activities into the education of boys: competitive sport, military cadet training, and even open competition in the classroom were all legitimate channels for civilising the sort of instinct which was accepted as not only an inevitable but also an admirable part of what it meant to be a man.

5. "Does ideology matter in art?" An interesting question and discussion.

Representative Sample:The consensus of the commentary on that post was that reading was an important skill to encourage critical thinking and an interest in the world. Then controversy arose when one commenter called Orson Scott Card “a Motherf*cking Bigot”

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