Saturday, August 15, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/15/2009

1. "Fiscally conservative/socially liberal [=libertarian] voters abandoning President Obama?" If not, what are they waiting for?

Representative Sample: once again fiscally conservative, socially liberal voters are starting to wonder if they made a bad bargain.

2. "How to Convert Atheists"Good luck with that. But still good advice on how to at least have a decent conversation.

Representative Sample: 1.  Don’t quote the Bible. Would you convert to Hinduism if somebody quoted the Vedas? Of course not. An ancient, mythological book is just an ancient, mythological book until after you accept the religion.

3. "World Politics Review: Israel Boosts Nuclear, Conventional Deterrence" Getting ready for Iran?

Representative Sample: Worries over Iran’s continuing nuclear ambitions, and Tehran’s ongoing support for Hezbollah and Hamas, have spurred big Israeli investment in strike aircraft, submarines, surface ships and missiles — both nuclear and non-nuclear — tailored for long-range strikes on heavily defended targets.

4. "Africa: U.S. Boots On Congo Ground" More perspective on why that's a really bad idea.

Representative Sample: Will this new peace force answer rebel bullets and bombs, with high velocity love letters and flower bombs? This kind of thinking is dangerous and idiotic to say the least, and I am highly skeptical.

5. "Mohammad and Man at Yale: Book Burning (One Cartoon at a Time)" Yale preemptively cowers before radical Islam.

Representative Sample: Book burnings horrify civil libertarians but this precensorship is far worse. Know-nothing book burners may burn a single book but copies of it remain and the ideas live on. Academic pre-censorship makes sure that the book the author wishes to write never sees the light of day.

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