Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/12/2009

1. "A Commonsense Health Reform Plan" Some interesting ideas.

Representative Sample:The only two problems that attract most people to health-care reform are insuring the chronically uninsured and lowering cost. Fix those, and everybody will be satisfied... except for irredeemable and unrepentant lefties who want equality above all

2. "Afghan drug lords: targeted until proven innocent" Now we are going to start assassinating people who aren't necessarily our enemies.

Representative Sample: U.S. armed forces are putting suspected Afghan drug dealers on a "kill or capture" list. In other words, we are now extending the "war on drugs" to Afghanistan, ignoring the fact that this "war" (first announced by Richard Nixon four decades ago) hasn't led to victory. The new strategy also ignores some of the obvious lessons of that "war," and places the United States on some pretty dubious moral ground.

3. "The power of imagination on prejudice" Pretty surprising research.

Representative Sample: What if members of those groups didn't actually meet, but simply imagined the positive social interaction? Would the results still be significant?

4. "A Merciful God is a Vicious God" The problem of evil isn't the main reason I don't believe in God, but it's a contributing factor.

Representative Sample: I am an Atheist precisely because I cannot believe in a God so evil, so unmerciful, so vicious that he would allow a world with so much pain and suffering and misery. 

5. "Healthy Relationships" Between the people and our supposed representatives.

Representative Sample: we are taxpayers, not children. And congressmen are not our partners, but our employees.

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