Friday, August 14, 2009

HOT5 Daily 8/14/2009

1. "Political tension continues to distract Pakistan and exacerbate its woes" Update on Pakistan.

Representative Sample: The continuing political tension in Pakistan undermines the government's ability to tackle the country's multiple crises. On the political front, the government needs to implement constitutional reforms to strengthen democracy and civilian institutions. On the security front, it needs to shift from carrying out counterterrorism military operations to delivering better governance

2. "Surprise: Aggressively Challenging Weasels is Something People Like" Protests about healthcare apparently gaining support.

Representative Sample: In other words, when you respond to prevarication and weaseling with incredulous mockery and you demand that the people whose job it is to listen to you actually listen to you, you can pull people to your side.

3. "Questions for Christians" 40 questions. Great mix of humor and serious points.

Representative Sample: 16. Why is god dependent on human translation efforts to spread his message?

4. "Who Is Spreading “Fear”?" Don't worry, it's ok when the left does it.

Representative Sample: he also talked about doctors being more inclined to cut off a diabetic’s foot than treat him because they would make more doing the amputation than with preventive care. The claim, of course, is Obama’s plan would discourage that

5. "ABL Dings Missile With Low-Power Beam" Successful missile defense test.

Representative Sample: Boeing's Airborne Laser Team conducted its first successful test in flight August 10 of a ballistic missile intercept using a surrogate death ray.

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