Thursday, October 22, 2009

Have a Year and a Half to Spare?

Looking for something to do? How about spending 520 days isolated with five other people in a simulated Mars mission?
The crew will follow a programme designed to simulate travel to Mars (250 days), a 30 day Mars surface exploration phase and travel back (240 days). They will live and work in a facility in Moscow, which has been specifically designed for the needs of these simulations.
You'll have plenty of room in your 3 square meters of living space. It would be interesting to know exactly what this mission will pay, but I could only find the following:
For successful completion of the entire study including training before and follow-up after the isolation, the respective volunteer will receive a fixed compensation that is in line with international standards for participation in clinical studies.
I hope it's a large amount.


  1. I think that's like $15 and free potato chips.

    And will prove what I've known all along: if you stick 5 people in a very small space for 1.5 years, they will either (a) have lots of sex, or (b) kill one another.

  2. If some people have sex, and others are excluded, then you might have a & b.