Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/14/2009

1. "Liberals' Violence Warning Comes a Year Late" Violence and violent rhetoric aimed at Republicans -- not a problem.

Representative Sample: While incitement and violence from right and left are equally evil, the latter has been rewarded with mainstream acceptance, an apparent result of two years of the media shrugging off Obama's extremist ties. One revealing recent example was the Baltimore Book Festival's promotion of terrorist Bill Ayers and genocide-espousing poet Amiri Baraka

2. "There Is No Common Ground Anymore" The most ideologically divided Congress in a 100 years?

Representative Sample: as William Galston at the Brookings Institute put it, the most conservative Democrat in the Senate is still well to the left of the most liberal Republican.

3. "Ban the Fat" The food police.

Representative Sample: Every age has its fetish. The Victorians obsessed over sex and alcohol. The current age is fixated on race and health. The statist tendencies, the perhaps primordial desire to control the actions of others, are nearly universal in cultures across the globe. It varies by degree.

4. ""Heads The Banks Win, Tails The Taxpayer Loses"" No one paid attention to Peter Schiff before. Most will probably ignore him now.

Representative Sample:  it's a video. 

5. "Murdering, raping cop protects students by beating them." Disturbing story.

Representative Sample: Here is a special ed student who was beaten violently by a police officer for not having his shirt tucked in—that's it. If you think that's bad, wait until you hear the rest.

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