Saturday, October 24, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/24/2009

1. "Mainstream Media Confronts The Monster It Created" A glimmer of hope that the press has begun to wake up?

Representative Sample: Hopefully the mainstream media now realize that they created an executive branch monster by serving as sycophants for Obama. That monster -- or some Republican equivalent in the future -- could just as easily turn on any one of the mainstream news organizations as Obama recently turned on Fox.

2. "Democrats Flip-Flop On Raising The Debt Limit" No matter how much Republicans spend, Democrats always want to spend more -- one of the many reasons not to vote Democratic.

Representative Sample: Republicans spent like there was no tomorrow and yet the Obama Administration has managed to outspend them. Obama’s deficit for this year will be 1.4 TRILLION dollars, nearly twice the deficit of Bush’s last year in office.

3. "52 Weeks, 52 Religions" Someone who just can't get enough religion. 

Representative Sample: For 52 weeks, I’m setting out to visit 52 different religions. Christian to Muslim, Buddhist to atheist, I’m going to attend their services, discuss faith with their leaders, and bring it all back to you.

4. "In Israel, a Key Test of Obama’s Retooled Missile Shield" At least we are doing something useful, in contrast to the worthless talks with Iran.

Representative Sample: This week, the United States and Israel kicked off a major air-defense exercise that will test scenarios including coordinated missile barrages launched from Iran or from Syria, as well as shorter-range rocket attacks by Hezbollah or Hamas.

5. "Dems in Congress have no clue about the constitutional basis of their power" Why should they? To them the constitution means whatever they think it should mean.

Representative Sample: the majority think they have the power to make the purchase of a product a “condition of lawful residence in the United States” (in the words of the Congressional Budget Office, which notes that such a move by Congress is unprecedented).

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