Thursday, October 22, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/22/2009

1. "The White House Doesn’t Want You To See This" The stimulus in action.

Representative Sample: At some point, thoughtful people will reject President Obama’s wisecracks about not following the “failed policies of the last eight years” because they’ll judge President Obama on his economic failures. They’ll notice that his economic accomplishments will consist of, in his eyes, the failed stimulus bill.

2. "Which Religion Should I Follow?" A handy flowchart helps you make your decision.

Representative Sample: it's a graphic.

3. "What the Limbaugh Quote Hoax Really Tells Us" Nothing good.

Representative Sample: what does it portend for American non-leftists that a wide and powerful swath of the American left apparently believes it quite credible that a major media figure with an audience in the tens of millions looks back fondly on slavery and approves of political assassination?

4. "The Demonization of Israel (and America) on US Campuses" With examples. Unfortunately this is all too common.

Representative Sample: In many cases, academic leftists, many with roots in the Middle East, have joined with traditional American leftists, anarchists and radical Islamists in order to bring an anti-Israel, anti-America, anti-Jew message to college campuses to the point where many Jews do not feel comfortable asserting their Jewish identity on campus. 

5. "Why Was He Ever Released from Gitmo Again?" I'm guessing stupidity.

Representative Sample: Yousef Mohammed al Shihri was repatriated to Saudi Arabia in November 2007 along with thirteen other Saudi citizens. At least several of them have returned to al Qaeda’s ranks. One of those who rejoined al Qaeda is Said Ali al Shihri, who has become the deputy chief of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

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