Monday, October 12, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/12/2009

1. "Cable News Irony Alert: CNN, Fox and The Disappearing General Audience" It's pretty funny when a White House spokesperson sounds like a typical leftist blogger, whining about Fox News.

Representative Sample: White House Communications Director Anita Dunn appeared Sunday morning on Howard Kurtz's CNN show Reliable Sources to discuss her comments in my TIME magazine story this week. She continued her criticism of Fox News

2. "Zero tolerance stupidity is getting old" And stupidity is a mild way of putting it.

Representative Sample: You want to know why the new generation sprouting up in this nation is a bunch of whiny, self entitled wusses? This is part of the reason why! There's no common sense in today's public schools. There is no effort to apply the principles of sound judgment and rationality. There's merely this blind drive to "do something" to keep schools safe - without any kind of rhyme or reason.

3. "Democrats are using the US as an economic experiment lab"And somehow their solutions always involve more government.

Representative Sample: The livelihoods of Americans are on the line as democrats use our economy as a lab for their economic agenda. They’ve tried at the state level – just look at New York and California.

4. "No Refuge From Nanny" I don't smoke, but the anti-smoking Nazis are getting out of hand.

Representative Sample: anti-smoking public health nannies have now moved beyond telling business owners what to do, and are now attacking people smoking in their own homes.

5. "Hail the Raj! Brits to train Pakistan's Frontier Corps" Hopefully it will be more successful than other recent training efforts.

Representative Sample:There's something gloriously anachronistic about this story. Britain is building a training camp in Pakistan's Balochistan province to instruct the paramilitary Frontier Corps in counterinsurgency. Talk about back to the future. In 1907, during the Raj's heyday, the British formed the Frontier Corps

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  1. Those stupid Afghans. You'd think they'd have figured out how to fight a war by now, after being trained by the British,and the Americans,and the Russians, and the British, and...

  2. Afghans have a long history as warriors. Warriors are very good at fighting, although many times they end up fighting each other. But being good at fighting doesn't necessarily translate into creating a cohesive modern army. For that they do need training. But it seems we are not doing a very good job of it. I blame the trainers and their methods at least as much as the trainees.