Tuesday, October 13, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/13/2009

1. "Get Nasty or Go Home" Michael Scheuer argues for facing reality.

Representative Sample: We do not have enough troops, and U.S. political leaders, many U.S. generals, and the anti-American academy and media do not think "military victory" is an appropriate or moral goal; their mantra is: "Better dead Americans at home and abroad than criticism from Europe, the media, and the academy."

2. "We Can Still Say “Columbus Day” (I think)" Polling data about views of Columbus Day.

Representative Sample: Democrats are nearly twice as likely as Republicans to think Columbus should not be honored [no surprise there].

3. "The Nobel Prize: If Obama Hadn’t Won. . ." People who were overlooked.

Representative Sample: Saad Ibrahim, a renowned human rights activist and professor of sociology at the American University in Cairo. Ibrahim is best-known leader of the Egyptian human rights movement and has helped inspire human rights movements throughout the Arab world.

4. "It has been determined that these books are not for you" Maps book censorship & attempted censorship in the U.S.

Representative Sample:  It's a graphic.

5. "We are shocked – shocked – to find that ObamaCare will cost more money!" Yeah, big surprise.

Representative Sample: Government estimates of almost a trillion dollars – and you know what government estimates are worth once the ink on the bill is dry. That’s increased costs. ObamaCare will mean significant increases in demand for health care services. That right there is going to mean higher costs. The surprise would be if it didn’t increase costs.

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