Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/21/2009

1. "Afghanistan 2011: Three Scenarios" Interesting analysis.

Representative Sample: question -- "How does this end?" -- has been one I have been asking myself in light of the current policy debates on Afghanistan. Accordingly, I sketched out three scenarios -- most dangerous, most likely, most desired -- and tried to imagine how U.S. policy decisions might bring each about.

2. "Ten for Ten: Rasmussen's New Numbers Show Republicans Ahead on All Ten "Trust More" Issues" Poll round-up.

Representative Sample: Some big shifts here in the GOP's favor.

3. "Women at War" Making the case for women in combat.

Representative Sample: At least twelve countries around the globe allow women to serve on the front lines. Why are the U.S. and the UK behind the times? Or, should our role remain limited on the battlefield?

4. "The Internet is Re-Wiring your Brain….in a Good Way" The internet is actually good for you.

Representative Sample: The results suggest that searching online may be a simple form of brain exercise that might be employed to enhance cognition in older adults

5. "Behaving badly in the plague" What would happen if a black death style epidemic struck the world today? Links to an interesting article. The post criticizes it, but I think the article is more accurate than not.

Representative Sample: He downplays the variety of ways that people respond to severe and prolonged crises. Some people panic; some remain calm. Some get aggressive; some remain passive. Some isolate themselves; some reach out to family, neighbours, friends and community. Some struggle against fate; some resign themselves to fortune.

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