Sunday, October 18, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/18/2009

1. "THE DIFFERENT REALITY INHABITED BY THE CONSERVATIVE BASE" A pretty good analysis. Although it would be worth noting that the left-wing base also inhabits an alternative reality.

Representative Sample: I don’t think their vision of what government should be is realistic or even desirable. Noonan has articulated a reality that is simply denied by many on the right. A “terrain” that is “thick with federal programs” and includes state and local governmental entities cannot be dismantled without huge dislocations, pain, and catastrophic results.

2. "33 Minutes’ and the Importance of Missile Defense" Includes a good pro-missile defense propaganda video trailer.

Representative Sample: A missile is fired from the a distant nation, heading for your city; in only 33 minutes or less, that missile will find its target. Such is the premise of the Heritage Foundation’s aptly named documentary, “33 Minutes.” The film covers the history missile defense and more importantly discusses the nuclear threats that face our nation today.

3. "RANDOM THOUGHTS ON COUNTERING AN INSURGENCY (Part 4)" Random but on the mark.

Representative Sample: 3. To conduct effective hearts-and-minds campaigns, the area needs to be stabilised. That means it must be free of insurgents – and kept that way. Without security there can be no stability. Without stability, there can be no effective hearts-and-minds or development.

4. "8ak: India’s Border Build-Up" Not the Pakistani border, the one with China.

Representative Sample: India is responding by building roads, railways and infrastructure on the Chinese border. It was reported that 5 civil airports in forward areas will be transferred directly to the Indian armed forces. 

5. "A Warning Against Democrats – From the Grave!" Someone who really hated Democrats.

Representative Sample: It's three photos.

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