Monday, October 5, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/5/2009

1. "Furrin’ Affair’in" Thoughts on foreign policy.

Representative Sample :despite Obama’s Brave New Whatever-bluster, he’s actually taking us back to the Liberal 60’s and 70’s, an era of “world peace”, i.e., stability for dictatorships, rather than “human rights”, which, frankly, sometimes involves messy, tasteless and and gauche performance art by the 101st Airborne.

2. "The sheer brain-bludgeoning complexity of proposed healthcare reform bills is precisely why healthcare should be supplied by free markets" Long title, but good point.

Representative Sample: If no single person can understand the contemplated healthcare legislation, then certainly nobody really understands what the consequences will be. 16% of the U.S. economy is a pretty big wager that they got this legislation right. And if we’re going to be putting our faith into something, I’d rather put that faith into the system that’s already delivering $1 double cheeseburgers, iPhones, $49 flights– and the best healthcare system in the world.

3. "Spirituality Poll Results" The results of a Parade poll on spirituality in America.

Representative Sample: It's a list of poll questions and results.

4. "What makes a free thinker think freely?" Interesting analysis.

Representative Sample: So very often there must be a trigger incident that throws a person off balance or outside the herd for at least a moment before a person is drawn into questioning the ruling ideologies of the herd. But when the flood-gates are finally opened, there is very often no going back, when one realizes on how shallow base even the most established traditions so often really stand.

5. "Nassur The Hamas TV Bear: Listen To Your Parents, Drink Your Milk, And Slaughter All The Jews [Video]" Just one example of the many reasons we shouldn't be assisting Palestinians in establishing a state.

Representative Sample: All Jews must be "erased from our land," Nassur, a stuffed bear... explained to a child who called in to a September 22 show. "We want to slaughter them, Saraa, so they will be expelled from our land... we'll have to [do it] by slaughter."

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