Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/28/2009

1. "But-But-But…Booooooooooosh!" But the media isn't biased, oh no. Just Fox.

Representative Sample: Josh Gerstein poses the interesting question vis-a-vis Mr. Obama’s comportment; that is, “What if Bush had done that?”

2. "Matthew Hoh resigns over Afghanistan" An example of doing the right thing when you are an official who strongly disagrees with policy.

Representative Sample: I applaud this man for having the courage to stand up and dissent. Some may knock him, but not sane thinking Americans, who see things through the long lens

3. "2010 Defense Authorization Bill reaches nearly $700 billion"Another bloated monstrosity.

Representative Sample: A bill with this type of price tag associated with it is nearly unfathomable. More than that, it is unsustainable and counterproductive to our national security.

4. "Invisible Forces" Easy to debunk, but you still hear the God/wind comparison trotted out.

Representative Sample: God isn't nearly so helpful. We haven't yet found a way to measure God that he shows up on. He doesn't do cool Tesla purple arcs of electricity (they are sooooo pretty)** and we have entirely non-supernatural explanations for lightning. 

5. "Israeli-Turkish Relations Straining Defense Ties" Israel now has to think twice before concluding arms deals with Turkey.

Representative Sample: Observers are reacting with varying levels of alarm to these developments, but some clear signals are evident in the defense trade. Defense News’ “Israel-Turkey Rift Derails Defense Trade” discusses some of the impacts, which are serious.

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  1. So the media isn't biased? The NY Times had this paragraph in a front page article about Obama's $250 handout to the oldies.....

    "The checks would be part of his admirable efforts to stimulate the economy"

    I can't post the link here for some reason. Anyways, 2 signs of bias here: First off, why is the word 'admirable' in there? Clearly an opinion word and clearly showing how they view his policies and intentions. Secondly, to 'stimulate the economy' may be partly true, but if one reads elsewhere, they'll find out that this $250 handout is a way to placate nervous elderly about Obamacare.

    I clicked to read this article because it sounded like it would have been informative, but it took me just 3 paragraphs to see I was wasting my time.

  2. Much of the media is definitely biased. My comment was a sarcastic reference to left-wingers who whine about Fox, yet are fine with bias as long as it slants their way.