Wednesday, October 7, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/7/2009

1. "Understanding America's Identity: Individualism versus Collectivism" Interesting and thoughtful post from a Briton living in New York.

Representative Sample: In America - since the nation's birth - individualism has been key foundation of society. Conversely, in Europe (especially following World War II) there's always been more of a push towards collectivism.

2. "Anti-Atheist Bigotry Enters Another Campaign" Unfortunately I think this will become more common, as more atheists emerge from their closets.

Representative Sample: another conservative politician has decided to make a play for the bigot vote by stirring up anti-atheist prejudice against a challenger. In this case, it's on a smaller scale: a race for city council in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

3. "Army Pushes Precision Mortar" My first impression:  sounds like a good idea.

Representative Sample: As the Army finds itself fighting guerrillas in urban or mountainous terrain, it has begun to shift its thinking in terms of needed weapons from big platforms, such as Abrams tank, Bradley fighting vehicle and Paladin self propelled howitzer, to how to provide added firepower to the dismounted rifle platoon fighting a hybrid enemy in complex terrain

4. "Will conservatives boot libertarians?" That would be a big mistake. Conservatives should ally with libertarians when possible. Foreign policy just isn't one of those areas, in most cases.

Representative Sample: I'm not sure all conservatives believe libertarians when they say they are against coercion, and that they are non-interventionists. 

5. "Wartime President Supported" Democrats actually willing to support the president during wartime, rather than undermining him? I know, it's hard to believe.

Representative Sample: Have they suddenly become interested in national security and allowing the president of the United States to follow the advice of his generals and prosecute a war successfully?

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