Saturday, October 17, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/17/2009

1. "The American People Don't Want Obama's Grand Transformation" But that won't stop Democrats from trying to force it on us anyway.

Representative Sample: Obama promised the American people that he would transform America, which at the time sounded uplifting and positive, but what the American people are seeing now is a transformation that is terrifying them. Obama's policies take those decisions people have made for themselves to the government.

2. "Liberal’s Stimulus Plan An Abysmal Failure" Of course they think it's because we didn't waste enough taxpayer money.

Representative Sample: Here we sit 8 months later, with unemployment and underemployment creeping ever higher, and the Democrats are trying to pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

3. "BREAKING: Barack Obama Cedes Alaska Back to Russians" Pretty amusing, and it does fit with the Obama foreign policy approach.

Representative Sample: In a bold and unexpected stroke of unilateral diplomacy, President Barack Obama has ceded Alaska back to Russia, ending over 140 years of American possession of the territory and 50 years of Alaskan statehood.

4. "A Peek Into Britain’s Islamic Future" Let's hope not. Islamic extremists do their best to help make Geert Wilders' case.

Representative Sample: Geert Wilders has done a singular service for the UK: by drawing the more zealous members of Britain’s Muslim community out into the open, he offered the British public a glimpse into their own future.

5. "Russia And India Discuss Decade Of Defense Ties" Can Russia continue to dominate the Indian arms import market?

Representative Sample: Washington, Berlin, Paris and London also are increasingly vying for lucrative shares of India's defense spending -- the prize being the multibillion competition for 126 Medium Multirole Combat Aircraft (MMRCA). But there are several other upcoming procurements for which Moscow also will have to jockey.

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