Tuesday, October 27, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/27/2009

1. "The Rest of Waxman–Markey: Caveat Emptor!" A look at some of the major provisions of the massive economy-wrecking bill.

Representative Sample: cap-and-trade takes up no more than 30 percent of its pages. The rest of the telephone-book-sized HR 2454 detailed new regulations, wealth transfers and taxes whose aggregate adverse impacts may well surpass those of cap-and-trade.

2. ""You Can't Disprove Religion": Three Counter-Examples" Outstanding post that takes on theistic evolution, the concept of a human soul, and the notion of a sentient universe.

Representative Sample:  want to point out that even these beliefs are in direct contradiction of the vast preponderance of available evidence... almost as much as the obscure cults and the rigid fundamentalist dogma.

3. "Argentina: The war against the media" Obama isn't the only one attacking the media. 

Representative Sample: Mrs. Kirchner and her husband have decided that they lost because of bad press coverage. They are especially upset with the Clarin media company, which though once a supporter, is now an outspoken critic.

4. "Happy birthday web browser" Remember the internet before web browers?

Representative Sample: Well, technically happy birthday almost two weeks ago on October 13. The browser turns 15

5. "Obama Tries to Scale Back Government Flood Insurance"Obama, trying to reduce a government program that isn't defense-related? I know, it's hard to believe.

Representative Sample: the program has simply drifted along for more than three decades with only a handful of significant changes. The Obama administration, however, has shown a willingness — albeit a cautious one — to begin moving the program in the right direction.

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