Friday, October 2, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/2/2009

1. "Iran: So What?" A good roundup on the Iranian situation.

Representative Sample: Iran uses these talks to keep their enemies busy and confused. Iran has shown no sign of willingness to halt their nuclear weapons development program. The Iranians are certain that nothing can stop them.

2. "Fact Impact" An interesting experiment and its implications.

Representative Sample:The bigger picture, from Harris’s point of view, is that science urgently needs to get involved in the biggest questions of human existence—good, evil, morality, ethics, and what he calls “human well-being”—and not cede these to the religious sphere.

3. "Iran Is Really An A+ Adversary" More on a likely outcome of the Iran talks. It's not so much that the Iranians are skilled , but that our leaders are oriented toward appeasement.

Representative Sample: the end of year deadlines that Obama has been touting are now out the window (as have the rest of his deadlines). This also gives ammo to the US and EU to pressure Israel not to do anything, even if there is no actual cooperation by Iran (they can still hide uranium and weapons capabilities). On top of that, Iran is looking to get some quid pro quo

4. "Republicans Present Another Serious Alternative Health Care Plan" Which will be ignored by Democrats.

Representative Sample: “Contrary to what the president has tried to convince the American people of, while we oppose his misguided ideas, Republicans are committed to positive health reform. No one in Congress finds the status quo acceptable.”

5. "why big brother will always be watching" Some of the many reasons I laugh when someone goes on about a supposed "right" to privacy.

Representative Sample: Privacy is a very relative concept today. Whether we like it or not, we’re constantly watched by someone, many of things we do everyday are committed to some computer archive or a data bank, and government have laws that allow them to bypass warrants and parts of due process in the name of safety and national security. You aren’t just being paranoid. Somebody could very well be watching you. 

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