Saturday, October 3, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/3/2009

1. "The west loses the test of will" Unfortunately pretty accurate. Iran is the threat that it is not because the West is weak, but because it is largely spineless.

Representative Sample: somehow a worthless, sniveling pip-squeak like Iran has the worlds more powerful literally begging them to stop being naughty, they are all apparently on some sort of equal footing. All those missiles, guns, planes, bombs etc are all completely useless because the western world doesn't have the will to use any of them.

2. "Unemployment Graphic is a Bit Telling" Speaks for itself.

Representative Sample: This could be why people are laughing at the claim that the stimulus bill is buoying our economy.

3. "Smart Power! results may not be the same as implied or expectedWe used to call it appeasement, now it's "smart power."

Representative Sample: Obama promised to meet with the leaders of Iran and North Korea, “without preconditions”. And while much has been made about that promise, it seems that he forgot to tell the American people that he would also be happy to meet with them without expecting any real results either ! I guess the moving goalpost disclaimer was in the fine print

4. "Top Ten Reasons to Accept That Job Offer from David Letterman"Pretty good.

Representative Sample: 6. "Can Jay do this? Huh? Can Jay do this?"

5. "Mugged by Reality" Don't worry, the Obama administration isn't about to let reality interfere with its wishful thinking.

Representative Sample: it turns out George W. Bush didn't make the world the way it is. It turns out that bribes and threats and coercion just happen to be the most effective way to make those who are hostile to America's interests...less hostile. The only international organizations more corrupt than the International Olympic Committee would have to be found at the United Nation

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