Thursday, October 1, 2009

Predicting the Results of Talks With Iran

With the pointless talks now underway regarding Iran's nuclear program, I came across an amusing article in Canada's National Post called, "Why can't America be tough, like France?" It says a lot -- and nothing good -- about the Obama administration, that such a title actually makes sense. Here's the best part of the article, the author's prediction for the negotiation results:
West: "Give up your nuclear program."

Iran: "No."

West: "Okay, how about if we impose some half-hearted, impossible-to-enforce sanctions on goods that China will keep selling you, anyway?"

Iran: "No." 

West: "Well......darn. Hmm. Let's break for lunch."

But that's actually a positive scenario. Here's another one that would be much worse:

West: Give up your nuclear program.

Iran: Ok, but we want this long list of concessions.

West: Great, we can make a deal. We have achieved peace in our time!

Iran: Takes concessions, continues working on nuclear weapons.

We already know that Iran can't be trusted to abide by any sort of agreement, so the best possible outcome of these talks would be a continued impasse. The last thing we need is the naive Obama administration actually agreeing to some sort of deal with Iran, which will strengthen the regime, and probably assist them in getting nuclear weapons even faster. A clear breakdown in the talks might force the administration to finally face reality.

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