Tuesday, October 6, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/6/2009

1. "Adoration of science" Something to think about, especially for atheists.

Representative Sample: I think that we—those of us enamored of modern science and technology and an Enlightenment political and moral outlook—too easily lose sight of the large amount of blood we have on our own hands, historically speaking.

2. "The other path to victory: Influence and restriction" Insurgent strategy for victory.

Representative Sample: One could argue that no victory is complete until war is over and peace begins. Well, who says that insurgents need to define victory like that? Maybe they could live well with a permanent mobilization, with a useful scapegoat in-country all the time? Maybe they define 'their' country to be freed as an area that does not include the official powers' enclaves?

3. "Yes, There Are Atheist Republicans and Libertarians" Nice to see another atheist noticing.

Representative Sample: First, I acknowledge the existence of atheist Republicans and Libertarians. Second, I am neither a Republican nor a Libertarian.

4. "New Technology Threatens South Korea" The threat doesn't come from its large conventional ground forces.

Representative Sample: North Korea has avoided large-scale combat since 1954, but portions of its capabilities are now being updated with techniques, technology and tactics gleaned from the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

5. "Epidemics as Defensive Strategy" Interesting historical article.

Representative Sample: Historians debate why the British commander, General Howe, failed to fortify the Dorchester Heights, which overlooked his besieged town. While most historians blame the personal failings of Howe, Ann Becker argues that the epidemiological terrain made Howe consider a Continental offensive unlikely

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