Thursday, October 15, 2009

Outstanding Summary of the Obama Administration

Conrad Black, writing in the Canadian National Post, has one of the best summary analyses of the the Obama administration to date. On health care,
Instead of following the Roosevelt 1933 formula of squarely acknowledging a crisis and pledging an immediate plan of action with inspiriting calls for solidarity and national effort, he magnified the problems in order to try to create an appetite for a more radical turn to higher taxes and social benefits than the country wanted. ... Obama left it to the Democratic congressional leadership, which festooned every bill with pendulous payoffs to key votes and interests.
On the stimulus,
The $787-billion stimulus plan was a monstrosity of patronage and logrolling. The money that was borrowed (to stimulate, in reality, Democratic re-election prospects) has been taken from purposes that would have stimulated the economy just as efficiently.
On "cap & trade",
The cap-and-trade bill is so loaded with rebates and exemptions that the administration’s own spokesmen acknowledge that while it would sharply raise heating and air-conditioning costs in tens of millions of American homes, it would neither raise federal-government revenues nor reduce carbon emissions.
On foreign policy,
This President has engaged in wholesale, equal opportunity apologies for much past U.S. foreign and military policy success. He has appeased almost all of the world’s most odious and hostile regimes ... Its foreign policy is a high-risk pursuit of appeasement which has few successful precedents, at a time when the U.S. is not strong in the world, and has its economic and strategic credibility to rebuild.
What about Hope & Change?
So far the change is more of the same, only worse. This President has achieved less in his first nine months than any incoming president since Warren Harding
There's much more. It's a must read article. If the presidential election were in 2010 instead of 2012, Black's summary analysis would be a great list of talking points for any GOP opponent.


  1. This comment isn't related to this topic, but I'm trying to find out if there is any reason, other than corruption, that someone would vote against this:


  2. There are lots of reasons people vote against amendments. If you actually want to find them, you can try looking at reputable news sources instead of intellectually dishonest left-wing propaganda sites like Alternet and Think Progress. For example, the case is discussed here. It looks like it's some question over arbitration.