Sunday, October 4, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/4/2009

1. "Is counterinsurgency a viable strategy for America?" The continuing debate.

Representative Sample: There is one more fatal structural flaw in the counterinsurgency strategy that was relevant to our failure in Vietnam, but is even more relevant in Afghanistan. The underlying premise of counterinsurgency rests on the unproven assumption that the indigenous personnel can be "taught" to be democratic, honest, and efficient by US counterinsurgency forces.

2. "Obamic Options 001" What would Obama do if Iran attacked Israel?

Representative Sample: The first in a sporatic but unbounded series of questions about how our current president might respond to sundry stimuli, whether plausible or peculiar.

3. "The Hakka People, China’s Leadership Caste" Something most probably haven't heard about.

Representative Sample: the Han is not a homogenous group. One of the more prominent groups that exist within the umbrella of the Han are the Hakka people, who account for approximately 30 million of the 1,200 million Han people in China.

4. "Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (12): Generalization" Examples of the problem of generalization.

Representative Sample: how on earth can you assume that a healthcare system is better because it is more successful in treating two (2!) diseases? 

5. "Monk accused of biting spree" When monks attack.

Representative Sample: A PROMINENT monk who acts as an adviser to Supreme Patriarch Tep Vong could be defrocked, provincial officials said Tuesday, after he was accused by fellow monks of getting drunk and biting them

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