Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Pro-Rape Smear

Not content with making false accusations of racism against political opponents, or fabricating quotations, the left has smeared anyone opposing the Franken amendment to the defense appropriations bill as "pro-rape." Never mind the actual reasons they are against it, or the fact that the Obama administration itself opposes it

Kathleen Parker takes note of this smear campaign in today's Washington Post. She points out that Republican senators opposing the amendment felt that it was

overbroad and might not be enforceable. The latter possibility was raised by the Defense Department in a letter to senators, saying that the Pentagon or its contractors "may not be in a position to know about such things. Enforcement would be problematic."
More details on problems with the amendment can be found here. But as Parker writes, the smear artists don't care about the details.
It's far more entertaining to insist that Republicans, instead of objecting to a potentially bad law, don't mind if women get gang-raped. Legal wrangling is not for sissies in Twitter World.
She's actually being generous. Rather than not caring about the details, most of those behind the smear campaign are intellectually dishonest scum exploiting the issue of rape for political purposes. Many of the same people falsely accusing Republicans of being pro-rape, are the same types constantly whining about "hate speech," "hate radio," and the supposed dangers of intemperate language coming from the right. But calling people "pro-rape" because they have objections to an amendment is just fine -- typical leftist hypocrisy in action.


  1. Awesome! I knew this thing sounded a little too crazy.

  2. It seems that you, like Ms. Parker have misunderstood the protest. This is specifically aimed at 30 specific Republican men. I respectfully ask you to consider the following before considering this a smear from the "left" against you and everyone else on the "right."

  3. A smear is still a smear regardless of the number of people being smeared. Opposing an amendment does not make someone "pro-rape."

    When the Supreme Court rejected the death penalty for child rapists in a 5-4 decision, did that mean the majority was pro-child rape?