Friday, October 23, 2009

HOT5 Daily 10/23/2009

1. "Bullies’ Overreach" Obama's desperate attempt to silence criticism.

Representative Sample: As surely as Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton allowed their personal flaws to erode the office of the presidency, Obama seems bent on allowing his own flaws (thin-skinnedness, hubris) to do potentially grave damage to the office as well. And over what? Not some grand policy matter or some key personnel matter, but over the desire to exclude a news network that has criticized him.

2. "“Why Don’t We Fix the Two Public Options We Have Now instead of Creating a Third One?”" Then we wouldn't be able to create a gigantic new government bureaucracy.

Representative Sample: That sensible — and hopefully not rhetorical — question was posed by Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) on National Public Radio

3. "Skepticism, belief revision, and science" Some interesting points.

Representative Sample: If you did believe that skeptics should only believe conclusions which are reached by scientific methods, that would be a belief that is not reached by scientific methods.

4. "Fighting The Wrong War" Are we targeting the right enemies in Afghanistan?

Representative Sample: in Afghanistan, the Taliban are not the main enemy; the drug gangs are. Without the drug money, the Taliban become a troublesome Pushtun faction, not a mercenary military power that seeks to run the entire country again.

5. "TV boycott suported by… Tommy Smothers" Penn Jillette finds out first-hand that  leftists only believe in free speech if you agree with them.

Representative Sample:I remember when the Smothers Brothers were for free speech. 
I guess the only speech Tommy Smothers supports now is yelling at people he disagrees with.

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