Saturday, July 11, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/11/2009

1. "Religion Goes Green for Government Money" Handouts in violation of church/state separation, and all sorts of taxes and regulations. That's the climate bill. Maybe next time Congress should actually read bills before voting.

Representative Sample: Wouldn’t it be fabulous if our tax dollars went to pay for new air conditioning units and windows in churches?

2. "RI May Change Name Due to Slavery" Another ridiculous effort by people determined to find something to take offense about.

Representative Sample: Johnson rejected arguments, advanced by Gov. Don Carcieri and others, that the name doesn't need to change because the word "plantation" merely referred to farming settlements at the time the state was founded. She said that was like calling the swastika an innocuous South Asian symbol - and then ignoring how it became a hateful emblem of Nazi Germany.

3. "Does Prostitution = Exploitation?" It depends.

Representative Sample: On the one hand, it seems sensible to say that, if adults agree to the transaction, it’s not my business. On the other hand, I have no idea how many prostitutes engage in the trade willingly. Moreover, I am sure that children, who are not equipped to make an informed decision about the matter, are being sexually exploited.

4. "The Evolution Gap Continues" Between scientists and the public at large. The gap isn't surprising, but who are the 13% "scientists" who don't believe evolution?

Representative Sample: A new Pew Research Center survey is comparing all sorts of views between scientists and the general public.

5. "Two Articles" one on Honduras, one on WWI. 

Representative Sample:Both good but entirely unrelated.

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