Monday, July 20, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/20/2009

1. "Shocker: Over Four Decades Government Health Care Spending Has Grown Faster Than Private Spending" What, Obama is delusional about big government "controlling costs"? No way!

Representative Sample: The proponents of government health care keep telling us that we need government health care to to control health care costs. The problem is that the government has done an exceedingly poor job of controlling the cost of the government health care we already have.

2. "The Leave No Terrorist Behind Act" Hearts bleed for Zacarias Moussaui at TIME Magazine.

Representative Sample: If TIME Magazine ever decides to get out of the fake journalism racket, it would probably be a seamless transition to get into the goalpost moving business.

3. "Pascal's Wager" If you are a Christian, before you make the mistake of using Pascal's Wager in an argument, watch this video. Anyone else, just watch for fun.

Representative Sample: It's a video.

4. "If You Trust That Bridge..."A house Democrat with an actual good idea. When's the last time that happened?

Representative Sample: US House Representative Artur Davis (D-AL) recommends that if Congress plans to create a public health insurance option, its members should be forced to use it

5. "WHY CONSERVATISM SUCKS RIGHT NOW" Rick Moran points out a lunatic on the right (the founder of Free Republic). Naturally that causes some commenters to label him a liberal who just can't see the pure evil of Obama.

Representative Sample: There will always be a certain portion of both the right and left who are basically nuts. The hysterically exaggerated dangers of a Bush putsch were written about endlessly by the left for 8 years. Now it’s time for righty crazies to crawl out from under the rocks and dark places where they’ve been hiding to make conservatism look like an ideal home for kooks, paranoids, and other unbalanced denizens who inhabit a creepy reality of their own making that bears little resemblance to the real world.

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