Friday, July 31, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/31/2009

1. "The President's Warped Foreign Policy" Rushing to judgment/action without having any knowledge -- that's pretty much Obama's policies, foreign & domestic, in a nutshell.

Representative Sample: fallout from President Obama's castigation of a Massachusetts police officer could damage the credibility of a leader who speaks boldly about complex foreign policy matters without showing comprehension of the underlying issues.

2. "O-Bomba Poll Crash!" Significant poll data showing that people may be beginning to wake-up about Obama.

Representative Sample: The damage is done to the Health Care proposal from the President and the liberal old guard in Congress, and to their credibility overall. The polls coming out this week are probably just the beginning of a slide that will continue through Thanksgiving.

3. "When Will Obama Take Responsibility For Being President?" When blaming everything on Bush stops being politically expedient? No, he'll just find someone else to blame.

Representative Sample: More and more people are realizing they elected a petulant, high maintenance version of Britney Spears. He can dance to the tune, he sounds fine in the recording studio, but, he doesn’t write his own material, he tends to go off the reservation, and he lip synch’s. Total fake.

4. "Why Not the Killer Drones?" The future of air warfare?

Representative Sample: future hunter/killer drones which lie in wait for traditional jet fighters on a mission, like eagles who can spot their prey from great distances. Some claim that such computerized weapons can never replace trained pilots nor duplicate his reactions, but considering the speeds and accuracy of modern weapons when response time to a missile attack is down to mere seconds, we don’t see any other way for aircraft to survive except for the robots to take charge.

5. "The List: World's Biggest Military Boondoggles" Links to an interesting Foreign Policy article.

Representative Sample: The Bulava can carry up to 10 nuclear warheads, each with a 150-kiloton yield. It was created in part to modernize the sea-based arm of Russia’s nuclear arsenal, but mostly to restore the country's pride and self-confidence after the political and economic instability of the 1990s. The missile’s only downside may be that it just doesn't work.

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