Monday, July 6, 2009

HOT5 Daily 7/6/2009

1. "Say it ain't so, Joe" Analyzing Joe Biden's comments about an Israeli strike on Iran.

Representative Sample:his remarks are being widely interpreted as a green light for an Israeli strike on Iran. If that isn't the case, Biden needs to issue a strong clarification immediately. If it is, then he has just committed the worst foriegn policy blunder of the Obama administration.

2. "Not on the Agenda" Useless feel-good arms control -- on the agenda. Arms control that might actually matter -- forget about it.

Representative Sample: there's another issue that deserves the attention of President Obama and his Russian hosts. During the 1990s, North Korea managed to acquire the SS-N-6, a submarine-launched ballistic missile developed by the former Soviet Union.

3. "Should Religious Beliefs of Parents Overrule the Medical Emergencies of Their Children?" If a religion said that parents could have sex with their children, do we have to allow that too? There are limits to religious freedom.

Representative Sample: We are hearing more and more about these types of deadly cases. In my opinion, it is neglect to allow death to cease your children because of superstition.

4. "Get Smarter Futurism" Will we be able to give evolution a push and make smarter humans?

Representative Sample: Jamais Cascio of Open the Future has a piece on possible extrinsic, pharmaceutical and evolutionary modifications to human intelligence in The Atlantic Monthly

5. "Getting The Message Out There!" Republican outreach effort to African-Americans. It's worth trying.

Representative Sample: The team of feels we have a plan that will be effective. Our mission is to focus on “messaging”, to engage the communities of colors with truth, and compel them to learn more about the party of Lincoln and reassess their political affiliations

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